happy birthday, jenna.

Jenna Bean!

Happy second birthday, sweet girl. What a fun week it has been.

They say time flies, but wow, does it. It's too cliche to say that it was just yesterday that I carried you on the inside, but it's true. Yesterday, you were such a baby and today, you are a little big girl.
They also say that the second does everything faster than the first. I don't know if that's indeed the case, or if my mind is just that fuzzy that I can't remember, but one thing is constant in child raising: these first couple of years are hard. But, I've found that most things that require work are the very things that fill up our minds, bodies and heart in the most beautiful of ways. Ways that you didn't know even existed. And, that, Jenna, is what you do for me, every day.

Your happy, belly laughs, funny faces, sweet singing voice, tiny dance moves and oh-so-good kisses and hugs bring me such joy. When I describe you to others, I say that you're my ray of sunshine. You're kind, loyal, fiery and funny. Even with your unique personality, you are a lot like your older sister, and I love that about you.

I have so much gratitude for all that you are, and all that we have shared over the last few days, getting to celebrate your milestone. My most favorite memory of your second birthday is this: watching and listening to you sing "happy birthday" to yourself and blowing out your own candle without help from anyone.
Oh, the balance of watching you grow and become independent with wanting to stop time. It's a never ending gift that I will treasure every single day of my life.

Happy birthday, lovie.


Karen said...

How can she already be 2. She is adorable and I hear she is a very good little sister!
Happy Birthday, Jenna!

Mary said...

happy birthday sweet girl!
our first borns have such a bond and now reading this our second borns do too --- love raising these girls along side each other, even if there's a whole country in between us :)

Drew Watts said...

Belated happy birthday to this sweet little girl! I bet she had wonderful time on her special day. Well, my daughter is also turning one soon and I want to celebrate the day grandly at one of the best Los Angeles event venues. If you have any theme ideas then please share!

Ondina said...

Happy birthday sweet girl!^_^

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