source list: rainbow painting party.

Mari was a huge little helper for her fourth birthday, and it was so fun planning it with her. Like her mama, she had a very clear and simple vision for her celebration: painting party with friends. With rainbows.

Twist my arm.

Like we always do, we started with some favorite items from Shop Sweet Lulu, designed some fun invitations and plucked all of the art supplies from Jo-Ann, much of which we had on-hand at the house, which saved some $.
Here's the full list of sources:

+ Paper Source: plum invitation cards / blossom envelopes / liner / 100% white cotton savoy for the watercolor paper
+ Shop Sweet Lulu: party hats / stripey strawscandles
+ Jo-Ann: paint / brushes / paint palettes / kraft letters / mini-aprons / iron-on monograms / rainbow ribbon
+ Party City: napkins / rainbow face tattoos / rainbow dash face tattoo for the birthday girl
+ Old Navy: mint party dress; Etsy Shop Once Upon A Design: rainbow iron-on letters
+ Food trays: leftover from last year
+ Becker's Bakery and Deli: donuts for the win!

By the way, Eddie's actually the real inspiration behind the kraft letters. Months ago, he took Mari and her cousin Carson to Target and for an afternoon activity, picked up acrylic paint and some wood letters. Mari loved painting "M" so much that she wanted to do it again with her friends.

For the party, we did prime the letters with white tempera paint in advance so the kids could paint with light colors. It was a quick project, and because it was just a messy base coat, Mari actually primed all the letters herself. All I had to do was really minimal touch-up. Also: sponge brushes rock.

This party was easy on the prep and fun to host. And, we still have paint leftover for days. A repeat play date would not be out of the question.


Karen said...

I would love to buy the mini apron for Olivia. I'll check out our Joann

What a fun party!

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