rainbow party of five.

Let's get back at it, shall we? I wanted to share a few snaps from Mari's fourth birthday celebration, but before I do, I'll let you in on my secret sauce that has put some peace back in the planning process: small parties.

When I was pregnant with Mari, one of my favorite people in the world tipped me off to the rule of 1:1, when it comes to kids parties. Meaning, for every birthday, you get to invite as many friends, and therefore, this year, Mari got to invite four.

We started this tradition last year for the third birthday, and so far, so good. To make just four little invitations vs. the alternative gives me some serious serenity, and freedom of time to get creative with personal touches, like hand-watercoloring and DIY envelope linings.
Small party planning also keeps the cost down. This year, we got the girls painting on kraft paper mache letters, which was an easy, quick and fun activity to bring them together before lunch, using lots of supplies we already had on-hand at our house.
With just five girls (well, 6 if you count Jenna), lunch and a play date party is very do-able in our tiny beach house. After exercising our right brains, we ate some of Mari's favorite things off of last year's lunch trays.
And, really, all the girls really want to do when they're together is tear apart the dress-up clothes, dance around the house and eat cake, and that is exactly what Mari had in mind. Her pick was a rainbow sprinkle donut tower and homemade strawberry milkshakes to top-off the gathering.
What a fun little group! Later this week: party sources. I promise that this source list, I will post!


Karen said...

Darling everything...your creativity never ceases to amaze me. And why didn't someone in my group of young mom friends think of the rule 1:1, and so on. I seem to remember the thinking was, let's invite everyone in your class at school! Yikes. This makes so much more sense and I love the attention to detail it frees up.
I'm so happy you have time to post occasionally, I've missed your voice.

paper{whites} said...

Thank you, @Karen! I have missed your kind comments. I totally cannot take credit for that 1:1 rule, but I'm sticking to it. xx