friday foto: always looking up.

The bonus of hosting a gathering at your house is enjoying the leftovers, like this giant balloon from Shop Sweet Lulu that I filled with some DIY heart confetti.
With her second child on the way, we sprinkled Krisa last weekend, over a very casual Sunday morning brunch-with-the-girls. It had been a really long time since I hosted a gathering, of any kind, and it felt so good to have the house filled with friends. It was also full of a few, simple details that I hope to share next week.

When the house was empty and quiet after everyone left, I had some time to think. And, what's amazing about good friends - I'll steal some of Krisa's words here - is that over the years, our conversations have evolved from talking about date parties, costumes and wedding dreams to marriage, kids and a lot of times, the really hard stuff. Stuff that can be painful. Things that you never thought you'd be talking about when 15 years ago, the decision about which fast food to get for that hangover seemed like a monumental and very significant decision.

But, now, with the hard stuff, when it's shared with your closest, best girls, you realize you can actually take a breath. Maybe even more than one.

And together, we exhale.  

Happy May, happy summer, happy weekend.

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