mari's third birthday: we scream for ice cream!

Mari's third birthday was my favorite summer day - as it has become annually - and after celebrating with pizza and park friends, we invited over her three besties for a play date at our house, with all of her favorite things. And, at the top of Mari's favorites list is ice cream. So, we went with it.
Here are some photos from her big day back in July, and later this week, I'll list out sources, so come back and visit if you're interested.

Lunch trays filled with the birthday girl's picks: heart-shaped turkey and cheddar cheese sandwiches; carrots and ranch dip; pirate's booty; watermelon balls.
Egg crates filled with Mari's favorite candies and sprinkles for make-your-own-ice-cream sundaes.
Kraft favor boxes filled with popsicle-shaped lip gloss and jelly bellies.
Also: we had a little Susie Cakes. Our kryptonite.
Come back later this week for sourcing info.!

PS: photos from Mari's second birthday? Right here.


Jill in Georgia said...

I discovered your blog last week and I just love the fresh look of the photos you post. I look for the sourcing info for this party but couldn't find it. Where did you get the cloth mint napkins with the red trim? They are adorable. I want to do a similar party for my daughter and also loved the easel and play kitchen you customized from Ikea. Thank you!

paper{whites} said...

@jillingeorgia - thank you so much for your sweet comment. you couldn't find the sourcing because i never got around to it! so sorry. the cloth mint napkins are from Paper Source (with a more coral (vs. red) trim) and i can send you a link (will search for them) if you'd like to send me your email address at alisonleighs@gmail.com. xx

Anonymous said...

I too just discovered your blog and am busy with our little guy's first birthday.. I really like the gift tags.. We are also doing kraft color but with blue .. Can you tell me where you purchased the gift tags .. Or who did them ..