happy birthday, baby.

Dear Mari,

Today's your big day! And you're not such a babe anymore, are you? Three sure feels good. It also looks and feels so very grown up.
{photo by Jenna Beth Photography}
My wish for you today is that you feel the joy that I feel every time I look at your sweet face, or when I see you looking at your sister's sweet face... or when you squish her cheeks like everyone does to you. Thank goodness for those cheeks. I don't know life without them.

You are growing and changing so quickly, and you've taught me to embrace time's passing by living in the moment and soaking up every ounce of it. Whether it's eating a strawberry, hopscotch'ing, making cupcakes out of the beach sand or just relaxing, which I really never thought you knew how to do. But, now that you're a whole three years old, relaxing is a thing, and you're quite good at it, even if only for a moment.

My favorite thing to do with you is dance. To our family and friends, that should come as no surprise. Thanks to your daddy, our living room dance parties have the best soundtrack and are enjoyed often. And your observant little sister - who is not far behind - probably thinks we're crazy.

Crazy fun is what it is when I'm with you.

I love you more than the moon.
I love you more than the stars.
I love you more than the sea.
I love you more than all three.

Happy third birthday, my sweet, kind and brave girl.


Karen said...

Happy Birthday, Mari! Enjoy your day

mary said...