big girl room for two.

Six months later and just days before my oldest turns three (THREE!), our girls are in a groove, co-habitating/sleeping and it's working, I'm so happy to report. And, even on days when it's not working so great, Jenna and Mari's room is still my favorite place on earth. It's a perfect blend of peace and pop that just plain makes me happy.
When we were gearing up for baby no. 2, our doc suggested to get Mari cozy and comfy in a big girl bed before the babe arrived. After hours pouring over toddler bed vs. twin bed options, we went big and we haven't looked back. And neither has Mari.

Jenna's gender was a surprise, so we kept everything the same and in the same layout, with the addition of Mari's new bed; blue-gray walls, tangerine highlights, and for Mari, hints of coral and petal pink. You can read up more on how we made Mari's nursery work, plus a list of sources here

With the same tools in an attempt to keep life simple, we've re-organized a bunch. Can moms agree that with kids, their rooms are a never-ending re-org? Between outgrowing toys, shoes and clothes so quickly, it just keeps going. But, I like that, and because we're in tight quarters, we're constantly challenged to only keep the stuff that we really love*.

These pictures are from a random weekend morning and are very un-styled. Their room is so tight that it's got no choice but to stay neat and organized after the eruptions from puzzles, legos, books and stuffed animals, and with Mari's help, we put it back together at the end of every day. While I've moved around a few toy bins/baskets/catch-alls, these organizers from The Land of Nod have been a great addition to this sweet space. They are lightweight enough that Mari can pick them up or drag around, whether in play or clean-up mode.

By the by, my other favorite toy keeper is your basic white galvanized drink tub, similar to this. I'll snap a few one of these days.

Without further ado, here's a close up of her bed, sans bed rails. 
And now, a few of how the rooms looks every. single. day.
There's lots more work to do here - and I'll share with you some more photos, details and sources soon.

In the meantime, we're totally preoccupied with all things birthday this week. The pinata is out and ready to be stuffed; birthday garland hung and now all that's left is to enjoy small gatherings with family and friends here and there into the weekend.

*If you're interested in how we think about toy storage - or rather, how we aspire to think about toy storage - you should read Mary's post on the subject. As always, she's spot on. 

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Karen said...

The rooms looks fabulous and perfect for two sweet little girls. Happy Birthday, Mari!