the first five.

We had such a great anniversary. I can't believe it has already come and gone, and we're moving on to more celebrations ahead, like baptisms and birthdays. Such good stuff around the bend.

But, before I let this milestone fly by, I wanted to share with you this snapshot of our first five years. I nearly thought I could just copy Minted's genius Heart Snapshot Mix and do this on my own, but when you know the quality of its printing and products, it was silly to even go there. So, just a week out from our anniversary, I uploaded my favorite 30 photos from our biggest moments as two, three and four in the last five years, and here's what it looks like.
Minted framed it beautifully with reclaimed barn wood (there are so many pretty framing options!), and it is hands-down one of my most favorite things in our home. I'm embarrassed to say that five years later, we don't even have our wedding album completed, but at least we have this to greet us at our door every single day. 

Note: this is in no way a sponsored post. I just love Minted's custom artwork and wanted to share it with you, thinking you might be inspired to make a heart, too.

Photos by Amy + Stuart, Jenna Beth Photography and yours truly. 

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Karen said...

What a great keepsake. I love Minted and have seen this, maybe a gift card for this to a couple would be a wonderful gift. Thanks for the idea.
Have a wonderful next 5 and beyond!