jenna's birth announcements.

You'd think I hand-dipped these babies in white chocolate for the amount of time they took, but like most personal projects, these sat on our kitchen table for more time than I'd like to admit. But they sure came out sweet, didn't they?
The palette started and was sealed with Paper Source's new coral (love!), plus a DIY liner project, with pre-cut liners (note: order online only) in blush, nestled into my favorite paper bag envelopes.

Other favorites you see here: vintage seed packet postage stamps, Novecento Sans Ultra LightLeague Thin ScriptBebas Neue and the cutest hart icon you ever could steal (thanks for the inspiration, Melanie and Alma, as always!).

And the real, real, real favorites: those two cute girls. As a side note, these photos were snapped with my iPhone, and while I was going to use some professional photos taken on Jenna's second day in the hospital, they just weren't doing it for me. So, this project sat and sat and sat.

And sat some more (at least they were nestled in that cute Container Store box that looked pretty as it sat).

Fast forward two months to a random weekday morning (thanks, maternity leave) and Jenna and Mari were dressed - Jenna in Mari's hand-me-down Kickee Pants, a favorite around here - hair was brushed (sort of) and the light coming in from the windows was beautiful. So, with my iPhone, we had an impromptu photo shoot on Mari's big girl bed (details coming next week!) that screamed birth announcements.

When everyone knows how to smile and the camera catches it - which does happen when you least plan for it - it's just magic. And it's meant to be.

I'm so glad to have these to hold onto forever. And I'm so glad they are done!


Kate said...

Hey, which printer did you use? Someone local? Or an online company? I'm looking for both my sister's announcements as well as my own (we're due about a month apart). I used Overnight Prints recently for a project and while I loved the stock for the business cards, the printing on the notecards I did was scratched in a few places (on the version with a solid amount of color on the front). Not enough of an issue that I would refuse to use them in the future (especially if they were MUCH less expensive than another company), but I'm still looking for options!

Karen said...

They are wonderful, they capture perfectly the joy these two darling girls bring each day.

Casey Gruber said...

Beautiful! You really did an amazing job! And the pictures really seem to capture your girls as you see them (that's the best part of phone photos). Lovely job!

Allison Lucia Bentz said...

Gorgeous!! I'm loving everything about these and cannot wait to get started thinking about Frankie's announcements :)

paper{whites} said...

thank you everyone! and thank goodness for iPhones. i never thought i would say that!

@kate - i will email you re: printer. i found a local shop but we can chat on it!