friday foto: tool box.

We are zooming over here, cramming in lots of good things before maternity leave is over. I'm also trying desperately to get some big projects done, like baby books and photo books and most immediately, Jenna's birth announcements.
I thought I'd share with you one of my favorite tools when it comes to mass mailings and creative projects - the shoe box. If you're like me, you don't have many in the house. Enter this cute turquoise-and-gray polka dot box from The Container Store. It's so worth it - and - it makes every project prettier, in my opinion.

The small box comes in a set of two, which is all you will ever really need. The box you see above is holding nearly 120 lined envelopes. It's also great for DVD storage. I got a set of disc sleeves, transferred all of our discs out of the bulky, plastic cases and filled a small polka dot box, with lots of room to spare.

And, one more organizational thought: I do have the larger box, which I use to store all of my blank envelopes and stationery in our supply closet, which is so helpful because in my life, things go unused if I can't see them. And getting all that paper organized into one, easy-to-see space got me to streamline and simplify and really only keep around what I love.

So much potential for these little power-packed boxes!

I did all this nesting before Jenna was born, as many expecting mothers tend to do, but even now, with my mind in so many different places and most of our supply closet in shambles, these little boxes have kept a few shelves organized, and that makes me really happy.

How can polka dots not make you happy, right?

By the way, if you make your way into a Container Store, you'll find these boxes hiding amongst the closet and drawer organizers. 

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LeanGreenColleen said...

LOVE this! just bought it...these companies should put you on retainer!

Colleen said...

LOVE this! Your blog is costing me so much money..LOL

PS-these companies should put you on retainer

paper{whites} said...

@Colleen - thank you!! can you be my agent?! xx