friday foto: framed.

Getting artwork framed is so satisfying, isn't it? I have had these cheap and chic generic Aaron Bros. Euro clip frames sitting in a closet for months - since the holidays, in fact - and am finally ready to get them hung up on the walls this weekend.
I'm most excited about getting the birth announcements framed - that is something that I've wanted to do for Mari since, oh, 2011. It took two years and another kid to muster the motivation.

The other fun stuff you see is just some simple play with typography and some favorite quotes, dressed up with some standard mats from Aaron Bros. I'll share more details next week when I post about Mari and Jenna's bedroom that has been updated for my two sweet girls. Still, my favorite space in the house.

Happy Spring weekend, all!

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Kate said...

Hi, Alison!

I hope at some point you also write about the mechanics of having a room shared with a tiny one and a toddler. My husband and I love our house, but it has a small number of bedrooms at the moment (we'll eventually turn the loft into a bedroom, but that involves a LOT of work, including building stairs up to it!), so if we have another kid while we live here, we're looking at them sharing the same reasonably-large room. It's not a right-now situation, obviously, but so many people have giant houses with rooms for each kid, that I'd love to get your perspective on how it goes! Thanks!

(OMG, I can't wait to print and hang my OWN art for the nursery! I'm working on an adorable sea otter illustration for a class and want to eventually develop into something to hang!)