love is in the mail: our 2014 valentines.

If I could just design valentine cards for the rest of my life, I'd be one happy girl. What's not to love about an over-abundance of hearts, cheery colors and candy? I loved last year's cards, mostly because I crave Swedish Fish more than any gummy candy - in the world - and I was really proud of them because I had just finished Illustrator 101 with Alma Loveland. They were my first big project on my own.
Determined to work with doilies this year, and add Eddie's favorite candy into the mix, we settled on these cute little pink-and-orange numbers, with Circus Peanuts. Now, I know some of you out there aren't lovers of the Circus Peanut. But, give them a chance. Plus, they're orange and cute and they worked. Know what I mean? 
Not the most efficient of assembly lines, we took a few days to get these cards done. We spent one morning individually wrapping the little candies with cellophane and twine; a late night printing and cutting lots and lots of hearts with good old fashioned Fiskars; and another morning with double stick tape, gel pens, stamps and envelopes.
And by "we," I mean "me." Mari sat in my lap or very close to it for much of the crafting, ate a handful of candy and generally kept me on my toes (read: encouraged me to finish these little cards as soon as humanly possible). And Eddie kept me company - and awake - when I opted to craft at night (ill-advised for families with newborns).
We are pretty happy with how they turned out and we had fun.
Pants were optional for all crafting sessions. As was a good hair brush.

+ Orange-and-white twine: Shop Sweet Lulu.
+ Poppy envelopes: Paper Source.
+ White mini heart doilies: Amazon.
+ Circus Peanuts: the local CVS.
+ From the supply closet: cellophane, white cardstock, gel pens (and stamp/stamp pads for return address) and really sharp scissors.

Happy almost Valentine's Day!


Karen said...

What charming valentines...not sure about the candy, but it DOES look great with the overall card/envelop. Eddie can have mine.
Happy Valentine's to you and your darling family.

mary said...

these are so flipping cute!! you have such a gift & a stunning eye for design!!