friday foto: meet and greet.

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably couldn't have avoided the blogger-to-blogger excitement that erupted a couple of weeks ago. You see, after years of exchanging emails, covering everything from what's-for-dinner to what we really want to be when we grow up, I finally got to meet Mary of Tulips & Flight Suits in person. What's more is that our families met, and with that, my cup runneth over.

Just look at those sweet girls (and so patient over a whole box of cronuts, I might add).
Earlier this week, Mary captured our meeting it in her most perfect way, as she always does. If you've not yet ventured over to her corner of cyberspace, you must. Before you do, take some time to get comfortable because you'll be there for a while.

There are days when I don't like the internet. But then, there are days like this that remind me that it has the ability to connect people from opposite coasts and cultivate the kind of friendship that is inspiring in every way, and for that I am forever grateful, because it led us to Coronado.

And, by way of Mary and her beautiful family, we made some new friends on our trip, too. To steal a word from Mary's Instagram feed, it was simply epic.

Happy weekend, friends.

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mary said...

!!!!!! love this & you! xo