friday foto: eyelashes.

They are my kryptonite. Impossible to resist. I have way too many photos of them not to share.
Lately, we're hanging around a bunch with our treetop friends, and when I remind myself to get out the camera, I notice that I take so many of the same photos that I did with Mari. Which is really fun, and I can really see the difference between the two girls.

Our sweet Jenna is edging towards three months (next week!), and I'm finally getting around to important business, like her birth announcements. I will share more when they are all signed, sealed and delivered, but I'm sure I'll post an Instagram or two along the way.

In other really, really exciting news, it's been an amazing week. We have another beautiful niece in the family and I'm reminded all over again at the miracle of newborns, the strength of mothers, the gentle grace of fathers and the wisdom of toddlers. And, that it indeed takes a village.

Life is so good!

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Karen said...

Jenna is beautiful, like her big sister and mommy.
Congratulations to the family, what fun to have cousins living so close to one another.
Enjoy your weekend.