well, hello, 2014.

Twenty-fourteen, I'm so glad you're here. Last year was amazing, with the grand finale of Jenna and the most magical of holidays, but I've been waiting for you because you're the fresh start I know I need after what felt like a really long year (read: pregnancy).
Number two is just so different, and it started with the bump. I struggled throughout Jenna's pregnancy, mostly with mind games - everything from weight gain to guilt, usually over questions about love and would I have enough for another. I'm glad to say that the easy answer is an overwhelming "yes," and now that she's here, as is a new year, I have the clarity and energy (albeit, sleepless) to grow in light and love as a mother of two.

One of the blessings of the second is that along with it comes the confidence that you've done this once, and while most things just fall right back into lock-step, there are some things that are still so hard. This time around, though, I know that those challenges come in phases that come and go and before I know it, I'll be missing Jenna's little bassinet nestled next to our bed. I still miss Mari every single night, and she's just one room away.

With that confidence, however, comes some really great expectations. That life won't change all that much - after all, we're self-proclaimed experts and this kid thing - but oh, it does. And last month, while our world flipped upside down, I tried desperately to maintain life as we knew it, and that just made for some tough tears at 3 a.m., for all of us.

And that's why we're massively lowering the bar around here. We're taking time to find our rhythm. Getting back to basics, like a scheduled routine, dinner around the dinner table and endorphin pumping, in the form of long, energetic walks and yoga. I can't wait to get back in the studio and stretch, meditate and just be.

All this was not really my idea. It was my husband's, who is forever the voice inside my head who reminds me what is really important in life. Thank goodness for him.

So, no big intentions for me just yet (I might as well carry over those from 2013), but some expectation grounding is in order, as is more writing. I'm hoping, that with my new outlook, I'll find lots more time to read, write and photograph, and be in conversation with you, because I've so missed it over the last several months.

Here's to 2014! Happy new year, all.

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Karen said...

Oh, Alison,
I so remember those feelings when the second 'bundle of joy' arrived. Somehow it all works out and you sound so much more together than I was. :)
Can't wait to meet Jenna.