friday foto: enjoying the view.

In our house, "higher, higher" directly translates into "let's swing!"
Taken with my iPhone, this is from an overcast walk last Saturday morning, where we found ourselves on the big kid swings, with the ocean and dolphins right in front of us. Except that my back was to the water, because my perfect view was just swinging away.

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DIY: nautical striped envelope liners.

This was such a fun project! There are lots of ways to line envelopes - or at least to get your envelope liners cut, and I could not have done this without one of my favorite designers and calligraphers, Bianca of Little Miss Press. When we exchanged notes and realized I had access to a Cricut machine (thanks to Whitney), the process was super simple; she sent me a die-cut, Whitney imported it to her machine and started cutting away.
So, really, I had nothing to do with cutting the liners. I researched some options with Paper Source - both liners and templates - and was all set to use their system, until I found this paper on Zazzle, of all places!

Once Whitney got everything cut, I got to work with my favorite glue (another recommendation that is all thanks to Bianca - what would I do without her?).

Here's all you need to line envelopes on a clean, flat surface:
+ Yes! paste
+ small sponge (cut a scrap from the kitchen) or sponge brush
+ a small paper or disposable bowl, plus a few dabs of water
+ nice to have on-hand: a paper towel or two

Step one: stuff liners in envelopes and fold at the crease.
Step two: in a small disposable bowl, mix a little paste (a lot goes a long way!) with a few drips of water to thin. And get that sponge ready!
Step three: with the sponge, brush a thin stroke of glue along the top edges of the liner, adhere to the envelope and then firmly close the envelope with your very clean hands (as if you were sealing the envelope). This is where a paper towel comes in handy if your hands are a bit sticky. 
Step four: set aside for hours (or a day!) to dry completely.
There are a handful of companies out there who can make cuts for you, or who make liners, just like Paper Source and if you don't have access to a Cricut, do some research to find the process that will work best for you.

If you're doing a big project - say, 100+ wedding invitations - I recommend having paper custom cut by a company like Paper and More. I used them to cut liners for my rectangle-flapped wedding invitations, and then did DIY lining at home, using the above process.


friday foto: sneak peak.

Someone has a big girl bed! Here's a little peak at what we've been up to lately.
And I'm officially in love with Mari's room, all over again.

Many more details and photos to come, after we add a headboard, which is coming from my parent's house and was actually the one I had growing up. Plus, a very special custom-made quilt will be added soon, from my most favorite Etsy seller, Jayna from Rocky Top Design.

Mari's going to share her sweet room with baby no. 2, so we're working on the big girl bed transition now. We are experimenting with bed rails, and I'll share some thoughts on that, too. Her gender-neutral light blue room and orange-themed crib will stay the same for the next kid, which in hindsight makes it really easy when you're waiting on a little surprise.

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nautical-themed baby shower invitations.

Last month, I took on a few design projects for some of my close friends, and this nautical-inspired baby shower invitation is something I'm so proud of. I think it might be my most favorite project and product to date. It was a tri-collaboration with some very creative gals that gave me a blank slate with which to work. As a nod to the guest of honor's nursery that she's designing, I went to town in navy and pink.
When you're making something special for someone you really love, you've got some ingredients for a really meaningful project. I could not be more thrilled for my friend Andrea who's expecting a baby girl early next year. If you like these invitations, you would have swooned over her shower. Her party planning committee did an amazing job.
With a combination of pinks color matched from Paper Source's color palette, we paired the invitations with envelopes from Paper Source, which I lined with navy-and-white striped paper.

Those liners were a labor of love and my favorite piece of the whole ensemble. They were a group effort, made possible by my brilliant friend, designer and hand-letter artist Bianca and sister-in-law Whitney. More on that to come, including a DIY!

Quick details / sources
+ fonts: Bebas Neue, League Script Thin and Novecento Condensed Ultralight
+ color swatches: Blossom, Fuscia and Night
+ printer: Manhattan Repro printed the 5x7 cards on 110# white paper
+ envelopes: Paper Source, in blossom


friday foto: two-for-one.

I had big plans to share this photo last Friday, but my entire body crashed after such a fun Halloween. And by fun, I mean super fun and super exhausting for my almost 36-week pregnant self. But, like last year, we took some photos on our deck, and before I could snap a few myself, Mari had taken control of an old, old camera and got behind the lens herself.
She is so funny, in how she imitates what I do when I photograph, and it is one of my favorite things. As are photos of Mari and her daddy, just like last year.
The three of us polar bears put on our caps from Etsy seller Knit Like the Dickens and Mari got another DIY puffy tulle tutu, this time with white sparkle tulle that made for a really full and shiny skirt, especially when caught in between Halloween twinkle lights.

Onto November! Happy weekend, all.

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