friday foto: from the pumpkin patch.

Lately, I feel really productive if I can get just one photo up each week. In this case, it's one of my recent favorites of Miss Mari, making her way through the pumpkins at Tanaka Farms.
I can't get enough of her little ponytail.

Oh, and quick tip: if you do make it to the Tanaka Farms pumpkin patch, pick up a few loaves of pumpkin bread. It's made by a local bakery and is so worth it. And though I'm not a huge pumpkin-flavor-fan, I look forward to it every year.

Speaking of, we've got more pumpkin plans this weekend in our fun little town, and the Halloween costumes are ready. Last night's dress rehearsal went over really well, and let me just say that white glitter tulle makes for a fabulous, poofy tutu.

Happy fall.

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friday foto: october sunset.

If you've never been to Southern California in October, it's magical. Locals know that this is when the living really gets good, and while the days are still warm (and I know we're all craving soups and boots, but it's hard to complain, isn't it?), the nights are clear and cool. It's my favorite time of year here.
While it took him a few shots to get it just right, Eddie was determined to capture my bump against Thursday's most perfect sunset. It required the panaormic setting. 

Here's Mari at 116 weeks and baby no. 2 at 32 weeks. 

Happy weekend.

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some fun fall ideas.

I have been going back through the archives to find some fall inspiration for our home, and stumbled on a few things that you might find inspiring, too.
Some new, some old(er), but worthy of a quick round-up before Halloween sneaks up on us.

+ inspiring navy and peach palette at home
+ comfort cooking: chicken noodle soup and white bean chicken chili
+ for your sweet tooth: pumpkin bread pudding and my all-time favorite: sliced apples with caramel cream cheese dip
+ decor: white pumpkins and simple DIY wreaths
+ halloween party planning inspiration and sweets buffet
+ pumpkin tagging
+ for your little one: DIY tutu for her halloween costume (I'm making Mari's this weekend and here's how last year's lady bug turned out)

How is your fall coming along? We've got another fair and a pumpkin patch on the books in the next week! I just love this season.


friday foto: go daddy, go!

When I look at photos from just one year ago, time is quickly put in perspective.
Manhattan Beach officially rang in fall last weekend, amidst some of the highest temperatures we've had in months, and to keep up with tradition, Eddie ran the Manhattan Beach 10K. We cheered him on along the route, and are so proud of him.

We made not one but two stops at the Hometown Fair, and instead of just picking at snow cones like she did last year, Mari ate one all on her own. She tossed wiffle balls for gold fish and chowed down on a brat. She loved the petting zoo and ponies, but from afar (we're working up to riding one!). We ran into friends, all over town, and were reminded how much we love this place and are so grateful to live here.

Next up in the fall category is pumpkin patch'ing at our favorite farm. Which, we're very ready for since we've been reading this book all year long, counting down to October. It's one of our favorites.

By the way, thank you for your kind notes on my home office! My new friend and fabulous photographer Siri Berting posted about it yesterday, and I hope you'll hop over to her beautiful blog to check it out.

And, finally, I have to give one last big shout out to our no. 1 birthday boy: Carson! Happy second birthday to Mari's best friend on Earth. We can't wait to celebrate you all weekend long!

Happy fall, all!

For more Friday Fotos, see last week's post.


sources: my home office.

If it weren't for Siri and her pretty photos, I may have never posted about my home office. I'm so thankful I got to share this space with you, which is usually where I blog from, too, so now you have a visual.
Here is a quick sources list for what you see. Some things are still around, some aren't. Some were bought the day before the shoot out of styling desperation (ah hem, the bulletin board - see more below).

+ desk: bases from Target (Coastline line no longer avail.); custom-built and stained top by my dad
+ chrome task lamp: Ikea 
+ bulletin board: Aaron Bros., to it I added a big criss-cross of white grosgrain ribbon
+ pencil holder: Target, no longer avail.
+ charging station: Pottery Barn
+ wall pockets: Ballard Designs
+ awesome turquoise and crab desktop wallpaper on my Mac: Alma Loveland for Nicole's Classes
+ chair and pillow: from our kitchen Crate & Barrel kitchen table (like this one); pillow was handmade by my mom with some of my favorite fabric

And Mari's little shoes you see pictured, from Target, were really leftover from a quick mid-day hug and kiss that we opted to leave on display for the photos. She is, by far, the best thing about working from home.


reveal: my home office.

This post is a treat for me. Last month, South Bay Magazine featured Eddie and I in a feature on working from home. Before we did the interview, my warning was that my home office life resembles a bit of a college dorm, with my desk within arms reach from our bed. But writer Katrina Zawojski was game, and was so fun to get to know, as was photographer Siri Berting, who was kind enough to share her photos with me.

For those who have been reading for a couple of years now, you may recall that this desk started off in Mari's room. Let me say this now for any of you out there considering an office/nursery combo: once your baby starts to actually sleep in her own room, she takes over. There is no hope of making an office work in her space, if you want her to actually sleep. Which you do. You really, really do.
As I transitioned to working from home this year, so did the rest of our house. The desk moved into our bedroom, and Eddie, for whom this desk was originally made (thanks, Dad!) was relegated to the kitchen table. We make it work in our tiny beach house, and we're thankful every day for this life that gives us so much time together. While there are days when I miss my office mates, I have never looked back - as long as I carve out some time for some fresh air during the days work.
Because my office is in our bedroom, I try to live as a minimalist and keep it as simple as possible. Flowers also help. Everything. Later this week, I'll have a list of sources for what you see above.

And, just for fun, here are a few family outtakes from the shoot.
Thanks to Siri's magical eye, our home looks so very shiny and bright. She was so wonderful to work with, and we've started a great friendship that I look forward to growing.

While her commercial work is so impressive, she does do family portraits and it's just about that time of year, so if you're in the market for a family photographer, you must go check out Siri's work and her blog. She's taking appointments now for holiday photos, and will also offer her gorgeous black & white portrait project in November.


friday foto: a first.

We took Mari down to the Redondo Beach Pier last weekend for the first time, and had a blast. From the fish to the birds to the ocean, shops and arcade, she was on sensory overload.
And then Eddie introduced her to skee ball. Why throw the ball from the floor when you can walk right up, check things out and then toss the ball in?

Way back when I lived by myself, Eddie and I enjoyed date nights at the pier, most times for our favorite happy hour (or one of them, at least). I remember going to Kincaid's on New Year's Eve when I was just barely three months pregnant with Mari, and I remember going there when I was very pregnant, just before she was born. Our visit last weekend was the first since she made our little family complete.

Noshing on clam chowder soup, crab cakes and sweet potato fries over lunch - complete with spills, stains and crumbs - it reminded me how much life has changed. And how I love every single messy second of it (though it would have been nice to down a mimosa... just saying.).

Happy weekend.

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all tied up: not so much.

Hi, friends. Talk about some radio silence over here, huh? I know we're all busy, so I won't dwell on it, but this space has been on my heart lately, so I figured I'd open the door a bit.

I'm so happy October is here, for so many reasons. There's so much to look forward to this month, and in between measuring Mari for her polar bear skirt, I am just trying so hard to capture life and savor it in my mind and heart. Which means being present and not always capturing it on my camera, though in retrospect, it would be amazing to have saved a snapshot of those little moments, wouldn't it?
We've been busy over here in between some business travel and prepping for this wonderful season ahead, and by season, I mean: getting things in order for baby #2. I've got my Christmas list in my bag at all times, along with fabric samples from Mari's sweet room, plus my favorite notebook that tries desperately to keep it all together.

On my mind right now is Mari, and making sure that everyday she feels that I'm not slowing down even though I feel that I am. So, we're making the most of the minutes when we can. And, sometimes that means watching her favorite TV character on the couch together (by the way: for better or worse, it's not Mickey or Curious George. It's Phoebe. Phoebe Buffay. I think it's her fun hairstyles and guitar-playing that draws her in). And as much as I don't love that we sit and watch TV, sometimes it's as much as either of us can do, and that's okay with me.

While I figure out this new balance in the third trimester (hooray: it's here!), I am very happy to report that I've been having fun working on some side paper projects for friends, and have big plans to share them with you, including a DIY on envelope lining that is way overdue. I promised this way back when I shared our wedding invitations, and I've finally got some step-by-step photos that are blog-decent to show you my process and share a cute nautical-themed stationery suite for a very special friend.

So, I've got some good stuff to come and hope you'll join me. When I'm not active in this space that I love so much, I do manage to snap a few photos here and there for my Instagram, which you can follow, here.