hello, world.

This is Jenna Corinne.
Our second daughter arrived last Sunday, and I've spent the last week marveling over life, the sweetness of newborns and the adaptability of big sisters. All over very little sleep, of course!

Jenna looks a lot like Mari in the very early days, but their labors could not have been more different. This time, which I hear is common with the second, was indeed much easier for me. Jenna was also a fantastic labor partner - with 9lbs., 1 oz. behind her, she helped get herself out.

I've felt so much love in the last week, from family and friends, near and far. To open up our refrigerator and see it stocked with food and love nearly brings me to tears. To introduce Jenna to her cousins and dear friends for the first time ever does the same. Feeding her by the twinkle of the Christmas lights warms my heart in ways I just cannot put into words.
And then there is Mari. Who, in one week, has grown up so much that I get choked up just thinking about it - a mix of beaming pride, love and wanting to stop time all at once. She's just amazing and is the sweetest big sister you can imagine.

I wish everyone could experience a newborn at Christmastime. There is something so magical about this new life, and to get to cherish it by the glow and warmth of the Christmas tree, the arms of loved ones and the true spirit of the season is one of my life's three greatest gifts.
{photo by Bella Baby Photography}


Karen said...

Oh, Alison and Eddie,
What a beautiful family. Jenna is so sweet and seeing Mari gazing with love at her little sister is so heartwarming.

Anonymous said...

Just got to reading this, so sweet. I am excited to meet little J soon.

xoxo, EEU