friday foto: christmas spirit.

We're still hanging on over here - just a few more days to go before my due date - and with each passing day, I'm finding more and more Christmas joy to share with Mari. Even when you think you've got no steam left, Christmas and kids have a way of lifting you up and filling you with a second wind, and so much love.
Last weekend, we got to work around the house - the advent calendar was filled, nativity scene was placed, stockings and wreaths went up and the goodness of fresh Christmas tree filled the house. It may have taken us about four days to get it decorated, but we did it and to share it with Mari, who this year, was basically in charge of the whole production, made everything so magical.

Before we did all that, we made a gingerbread house - our first in this house - and someday, when I'm not nearly 10 months pregnant, I'll do this all from scratch. In the meantime, an $8 kit from Target was all we needed to kick off the first weekend of December.

I didn't think it'd be easy, but I remember gingerbread house decorating being way easier than this. It's probably because I had a wonderful mother who did everything from scratch so everything would be just right.

But, even with finicky frosting and heavy gingerbread that really didn't stand a chance, Mari and I ate a lot of sugar and had so much fun. While it practically fell apart the next day, Mari is so proud of it and we're going to keep it around as long as it lasts. Which probably isn't much longer, but like Christmas, it's about the memories we created, along with lots of gum drops and peppermint, that will always make us smile. Oh, to watch her fall in love with gumdrops! There just isn't much better in life.

Hope you find something holly and jolly to make your weekend extra special. Manhattan Beach Christmas Fireworks, perhaps?

And, I'll surely keep you posted on the baby front. Follow me on Instagram for insta-updates!

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Karen said...

I shared the joy of gingerbread last Christmas, so much fun. I have a friend that freezes her houses so she can bring them out each year.
Happy December.