friday foto: two-for-one.

I had big plans to share this photo last Friday, but my entire body crashed after such a fun Halloween. And by fun, I mean super fun and super exhausting for my almost 36-week pregnant self. But, like last year, we took some photos on our deck, and before I could snap a few myself, Mari had taken control of an old, old camera and got behind the lens herself.
She is so funny, in how she imitates what I do when I photograph, and it is one of my favorite things. As are photos of Mari and her daddy, just like last year.
The three of us polar bears put on our caps from Etsy seller Knit Like the Dickens and Mari got another DIY puffy tulle tutu, this time with white sparkle tulle that made for a really full and shiny skirt, especially when caught in between Halloween twinkle lights.

Onto November! Happy weekend, all.

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mary said...

so flipping cute!!!! so glad y'all are having another baby -- can't wait to see their sweet face!!! happy weekend friend1

Karen said...

Ahhh, I love the polar bear hats on all of you (well, I can imagine how cute it looks on you too).