friday foto: sneak peak.

Someone has a big girl bed! Here's a little peak at what we've been up to lately.
And I'm officially in love with Mari's room, all over again.

Many more details and photos to come, after we add a headboard, which is coming from my parent's house and was actually the one I had growing up. Plus, a very special custom-made quilt will be added soon, from my most favorite Etsy seller, Jayna from Rocky Top Design.

Mari's going to share her sweet room with baby no. 2, so we're working on the big girl bed transition now. We are experimenting with bed rails, and I'll share some thoughts on that, too. Her gender-neutral light blue room and orange-themed crib will stay the same for the next kid, which in hindsight makes it really easy when you're waiting on a little surprise.

For more Friday Fotos, see last week's post.

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Karen said...

Mari's big girl bed looks darling. Olivia is happy in her big girl bed and the side rail is no longer needed. Such a great transition stage.