DIY: nautical striped envelope liners.

This was such a fun project! There are lots of ways to line envelopes - or at least to get your envelope liners cut, and I could not have done this without one of my favorite designers and calligraphers, Bianca of Little Miss Press. When we exchanged notes and realized I had access to a Cricut machine (thanks to Whitney), the process was super simple; she sent me a die-cut, Whitney imported it to her machine and started cutting away.
So, really, I had nothing to do with cutting the liners. I researched some options with Paper Source - both liners and templates - and was all set to use their system, until I found this paper on Zazzle, of all places!

Once Whitney got everything cut, I got to work with my favorite glue (another recommendation that is all thanks to Bianca - what would I do without her?).

Here's all you need to line envelopes on a clean, flat surface:
+ Yes! paste
+ small sponge (cut a scrap from the kitchen) or sponge brush
+ a small paper or disposable bowl, plus a few dabs of water
+ nice to have on-hand: a paper towel or two

Step one: stuff liners in envelopes and fold at the crease.
Step two: in a small disposable bowl, mix a little paste (a lot goes a long way!) with a few drips of water to thin. And get that sponge ready!
Step three: with the sponge, brush a thin stroke of glue along the top edges of the liner, adhere to the envelope and then firmly close the envelope with your very clean hands (as if you were sealing the envelope). This is where a paper towel comes in handy if your hands are a bit sticky. 
Step four: set aside for hours (or a day!) to dry completely.
There are a handful of companies out there who can make cuts for you, or who make liners, just like Paper Source and if you don't have access to a Cricut, do some research to find the process that will work best for you.

If you're doing a big project - say, 100+ wedding invitations - I recommend having paper custom cut by a company like Paper and More. I used them to cut liners for my rectangle-flapped wedding invitations, and then did DIY lining at home, using the above process.

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Karen said...

This is great news. I have the Paper Source templates for making envelopes and liners but I hadn't heard about the glue. Thanks. Your invitations turned out so cute.