reveal: my home office.

This post is a treat for me. Last month, South Bay Magazine featured Eddie and I in a feature on working from home. Before we did the interview, my warning was that my home office life resembles a bit of a college dorm, with my desk within arms reach from our bed. But writer Katrina Zawojski was game, and was so fun to get to know, as was photographer Siri Berting, who was kind enough to share her photos with me.

For those who have been reading for a couple of years now, you may recall that this desk started off in Mari's room. Let me say this now for any of you out there considering an office/nursery combo: once your baby starts to actually sleep in her own room, she takes over. There is no hope of making an office work in her space, if you want her to actually sleep. Which you do. You really, really do.
As I transitioned to working from home this year, so did the rest of our house. The desk moved into our bedroom, and Eddie, for whom this desk was originally made (thanks, Dad!) was relegated to the kitchen table. We make it work in our tiny beach house, and we're thankful every day for this life that gives us so much time together. While there are days when I miss my office mates, I have never looked back - as long as I carve out some time for some fresh air during the days work.
Because my office is in our bedroom, I try to live as a minimalist and keep it as simple as possible. Flowers also help. Everything. Later this week, I'll have a list of sources for what you see above.

And, just for fun, here are a few family outtakes from the shoot.
Thanks to Siri's magical eye, our home looks so very shiny and bright. She was so wonderful to work with, and we've started a great friendship that I look forward to growing.

While her commercial work is so impressive, she does do family portraits and it's just about that time of year, so if you're in the market for a family photographer, you must go check out Siri's work and her blog. She's taking appointments now for holiday photos, and will also offer her gorgeous black & white portrait project in November.


ashley sullivan said...

love this! beautiful little nook you've created, and it's so great to have the outlook of just making it work. congrats on the feature! xx

Toby Almy said...

I like how you balanced everything in your home office. The space was part of your bedroom, so you made sure that it won’t serve as a sidetrack in your room. Well, things aren’t that difficult on your part because your husband looks very supportive. He helps you however he can to make sure that you’ll get everything you need. You're lucky to have him in your life. :)
Toby Almy @ Tittle Brothers Construction