friday foto: october sunset.

If you've never been to Southern California in October, it's magical. Locals know that this is when the living really gets good, and while the days are still warm (and I know we're all craving soups and boots, but it's hard to complain, isn't it?), the nights are clear and cool. It's my favorite time of year here.
While it took him a few shots to get it just right, Eddie was determined to capture my bump against Thursday's most perfect sunset. It required the panaormic setting. 

Here's Mari at 116 weeks and baby no. 2 at 32 weeks. 

Happy weekend.

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mary said...

you, sweet mari & that sunset are gorgeous friend!! xo

Karen said...

Thank you for reminding to stop and enjoy the season as it is right now...not quite the fall of the east but breathtaking nonetheless. :D
Beautiful photograph.

sandpaper and silly putty said...

Way to go Ed! What a beautiful photo!