friday foto: go daddy, go!

When I look at photos from just one year ago, time is quickly put in perspective.
Manhattan Beach officially rang in fall last weekend, amidst some of the highest temperatures we've had in months, and to keep up with tradition, Eddie ran the Manhattan Beach 10K. We cheered him on along the route, and are so proud of him.

We made not one but two stops at the Hometown Fair, and instead of just picking at snow cones like she did last year, Mari ate one all on her own. She tossed wiffle balls for gold fish and chowed down on a brat. She loved the petting zoo and ponies, but from afar (we're working up to riding one!). We ran into friends, all over town, and were reminded how much we love this place and are so grateful to live here.

Next up in the fall category is pumpkin patch'ing at our favorite farm. Which, we're very ready for since we've been reading this book all year long, counting down to October. It's one of our favorites.

By the way, thank you for your kind notes on my home office! My new friend and fabulous photographer Siri Berting posted about it yesterday, and I hope you'll hop over to her beautiful blog to check it out.

And, finally, I have to give one last big shout out to our no. 1 birthday boy: Carson! Happy second birthday to Mari's best friend on Earth. We can't wait to celebrate you all weekend long!

Happy fall, all!

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Karen said...

Time flies, little Mari is growing up! Congrats to Edie on his run.
I'm headed over to check first, your home office, second to see your friend, Siri's blog.
Have a great week.