friday foto: a first.

We took Mari down to the Redondo Beach Pier last weekend for the first time, and had a blast. From the fish to the birds to the ocean, shops and arcade, she was on sensory overload.
And then Eddie introduced her to skee ball. Why throw the ball from the floor when you can walk right up, check things out and then toss the ball in?

Way back when I lived by myself, Eddie and I enjoyed date nights at the pier, most times for our favorite happy hour (or one of them, at least). I remember going to Kincaid's on New Year's Eve when I was just barely three months pregnant with Mari, and I remember going there when I was very pregnant, just before she was born. Our visit last weekend was the first since she made our little family complete.

Noshing on clam chowder soup, crab cakes and sweet potato fries over lunch - complete with spills, stains and crumbs - it reminded me how much life has changed. And how I love every single messy second of it (though it would have been nice to down a mimosa... just saying.).

Happy weekend.

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