all tied up: not so much.

Hi, friends. Talk about some radio silence over here, huh? I know we're all busy, so I won't dwell on it, but this space has been on my heart lately, so I figured I'd open the door a bit.

I'm so happy October is here, for so many reasons. There's so much to look forward to this month, and in between measuring Mari for her polar bear skirt, I am just trying so hard to capture life and savor it in my mind and heart. Which means being present and not always capturing it on my camera, though in retrospect, it would be amazing to have saved a snapshot of those little moments, wouldn't it?
We've been busy over here in between some business travel and prepping for this wonderful season ahead, and by season, I mean: getting things in order for baby #2. I've got my Christmas list in my bag at all times, along with fabric samples from Mari's sweet room, plus my favorite notebook that tries desperately to keep it all together.

On my mind right now is Mari, and making sure that everyday she feels that I'm not slowing down even though I feel that I am. So, we're making the most of the minutes when we can. And, sometimes that means watching her favorite TV character on the couch together (by the way: for better or worse, it's not Mickey or Curious George. It's Phoebe. Phoebe Buffay. I think it's her fun hairstyles and guitar-playing that draws her in). And as much as I don't love that we sit and watch TV, sometimes it's as much as either of us can do, and that's okay with me.

While I figure out this new balance in the third trimester (hooray: it's here!), I am very happy to report that I've been having fun working on some side paper projects for friends, and have big plans to share them with you, including a DIY on envelope lining that is way overdue. I promised this way back when I shared our wedding invitations, and I've finally got some step-by-step photos that are blog-decent to show you my process and share a cute nautical-themed stationery suite for a very special friend.

So, I've got some good stuff to come and hope you'll join me. When I'm not active in this space that I love so much, I do manage to snap a few photos here and there for my Instagram, which you can follow, here.

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Karen said...

As a loyal fan, take all the time you need during this exciting time and know that I'll be here waiting with anticipation for your next fabulous post.