nesting, for my current kid.

I hope you don't think I'm crazy, but I've started thinking all things Fall, especially the holidays. I just settled on Mari's halloween costume and have the first piece ordered (a DIY tulle ballet skirt will be involved!) and actually just purchased my first Christmas presents last week. I'm sure there are moms out there who have all of their holiday shopping done, btw. I don't think I'm unique, but this is certainly unique for me!

I think it's because this baby is coming in December, and I remember how hard it was to really enjoy the holidays when I was newly pregnant with Mari. I am determined to be merry, and I'm hoping that getting some tasks out of the way early will help. I think it's also easier to bend over gifts, wrapping paper, tape and bows at seven months than it is at nine, no?

My brain is so scattered these days. Let's go back to the halloween topic.
The costume catalogs are coming, and because Mari is most fond of ballet skirts and simple dress up versus the big, oversized costumes that look uncomfortable even for adults, we're going to make this really simple. She got her choice of knit animal hats on Etsy - it was a hard decision between an owl, lobster, fish, chicken and polar bear - but, in honor of her recent love affair at Sea World, she's going polar. I asked her about 10 times over two days, and she was certain: "polar."

My plan is to pair this cute, knitted hat by Chelsy at Knit Like the Dickens with a shiny white and sparkle-y homemade tulle skirt over a white long-sleeved leotard/shirt/whatever we can find. Tights will be optional, as will some white fluffy mittens if I can find them. Perhaps some black face paint would be acceptable by Miss M for a little bear nose. Game time decision.

If you're thinking about costumes and stumped, take a look at what Etsy has to offer - lots of good quality and creativity to help get your gears going (and so affordable!). And if you're up for making a skirt - which makes every costume better, in my opinion - I've got DIY instructions from Mari's first halloween costume up. If you have any questions, please drop me a line!

Now if Eddie and I could get our act together and get our costumes settled on before Oct. 30...


Anonymous said...

Love the hat!

Karen said...

Polar bears, what could be better? I love it and I know your brother will admire your (Mari's) choice as well! I tried to convince Olivia she should wear her daddy's bunny costume from 30+ years ago, but she was not having it. I'm not sure what her mommy will select but I know it will be fun...don't you just love this time of year!