friday foto(s): old fashioned banana layer cake + a party hat.

Thanks for all of your thoughtful comments on Mari's 2nd birthday party. Over the weekend, I did some very light lifting, helping my bestie with her daughter's first birthday party, and we both agree that with every party, we forget just how much work they are. Do not let the photos fool you - in between dusting the house yellow, there were multiple breakdowns for both Mari and me. We're thankful for Eddie and his grounding. And ability to re-set the entire house with a joke, some snackies or a quick walk around the block.

Now, onto some exciting and yummy stuff. The oh-so-talented and super sweet Stevie of Shop Sweet Lulu posted some photos with Mari's birthday cake and party hat today, over on the blog.
Topped with mini taper candles from Shop Sweet Lulu, we served up The Barefoot Contessa's Old Fashioned Banana Cake in a layer cake, by doubling the recipe (both the cake and icing). This is one banana cake we've tried before and loved, and the only thing I alter is that I go easy on the orange zest, which is just a personal preference.
To make the layers, let the cake cool completely (for hours or even overnight), remove carefully from pans, and then slice horizontally to make four even discs. You can always shave off some uneven cake if you need to; the frosting is the glue that will cover everything up. I baked the cakes one day in advance, and frosted (with little two-year-old fingers helping) the morning of her party.
Complimenting the cake was Mari's party hat, which was a quick DIY project, using Shop Sweet Lulu's party hats, which were recycled from last year's birthday party. Supplies used included a glue gun (always!), tulle (nearly always!) and the number "2," which I printed out in one of my favorite fonts and cut using some good, sharp scissors. I reflected it in Illustrator so that the trim lines would not be visible after cutting (does that even make sense? I hope so...). Double-sided tape adhered the number to the hat.
By the way, for the bunting on the cake, I used the same reflect, print, cut and tape method on some pre-cut kraft paper triangles I found at Jo-Ann, saving me some time. I used wooden skewers and Shop Sweet Lulu's oyster gray divine twine to bring it all together.

You can head on over to Stevie's post to see a few more photos of the birthday goodness.

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