friday foto: perfect produce.

Just when I think I don't know what we're having for dinner, I remember that we seem to always be with the most beautiful, organic produce thanks to our CSA subscription. I was chatting with friends over email this week about how this simple box has transformed what we put down on our dinner table every night (that we cook!).

There was a time when I was not enjoying cooking, thanks to the joys of the first trimester, when I doubted the box. Now that I'm back in the kitchen, summer reminds me that this is such a gift to our family, and finding ways to cook with what you have is more satisfying than ever.
I haven't been doing much photography in the last week, so I'm stealing an Instagram from last month, and those beautiful ears of corn are straight from Tanaka Farms. The basil is clipped from our little herb garden. Summer bliss, I tell you.

On the Insta note, I totally failed to post some photos from the month of July, so I'll do a combined July/August special at the end of the month. Until then, you can follow along at @alisonsalcedo.

Happy weekend!

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Karen said...

One of summer's joys...corn on the cob. Enjoy the last several weeks of summer!