friday foto: beaching it.

We have finally had some clear, sunny skies at our beach. I'm not complaining, but we've had a gray summer. So, when the weather has been as gorgeous as it has been in the last few days, evenings on the sand are in order.
This is a quick snap from my Instagram, and next week, I'll share more favorites from the month of August, and a few from July since I seem to have overlooked that entire month.

One of my sweet friends asked if that's a cell phone in Miss Mari's pocket, and while it's not really a cell phone, it's her pretend phone. It's actually a small, skinny magnet that happens to be one of her most prized possessions from Eddie's dad that comes with us most places we go. Like her mom, she likes to travel lightly and tucks it in her pockets as often as she can.

Wherever you are this long weekend, I hope you find your beach, crash on your version of the sand and enjoy it.

PS: shirt from Target; gifted jeggings, courtesy of Auntie Whit, from The Children's Place.

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