for baby: the little and not-so-little things.

Let's talk baby, shall we? I forgot about how much fun it is to be pregnant when you have other pregnant friends around you, even if someone is struck with morning/all-day sickness. It really is nice to talk about the baby topic with good friends and share thoughts over some decaffeinated or non-alcoholic beverages.

When expecting moms ask me what made our parental life easier and what were some of our best purchases, a few things - big and little - come to mind. I also always say that more than half the battle is finding what works for you and your family's lifestyle, because we are all so different. Personally, we favor walking over driving; we spend a lot of time outdoors for long periods of time; we are social, but we also really like to sleep.

While I shared some must-haves in the early, early months, I've gained some motherly wisdom in the last two years, and for us, here's what has helped make life work good.
one // UPPABaby Vista Stroller // I'm thankful for this workhorse every single day, and have never wanted for anything different or even smaller. The bassinet option is such a luxury in the early months, especially for travel, and we're looking forward to adding the PiggyBack for Mari when No. 2 arrives. 

two // Mini Nike Backpack // The hours spent pouring over diaper bags boils down to this: a little backpack is really all we need day-to-day. This small Nike bag is big enough to carry wipes, dipes, sunscreen and our purse-like essentials. I do have a lovely big bag (this one, in fact, but in navy) that I use for extended trips, but as for everyday, I could not live without a little tote like this one (note: ours is an older version of this 2013 style).

three // OXO Wipes Dispenser // Necessary? For me. I have battles with the disposable wipes boxes that claim to be dispensers, but for me, they never work. We started with a Prince Lionheart wipes warmer that broke, and what I found was that I kept it around, just for its dispenser. This OXO product - like most everything they make - makes me so, so happy with every single wipe. And there are lots.

four // Miracle Blanket // It was a miracle for Mari, and we'll be trying it again with the next babe. So many friends recommended this to us, and we are so grateful. We even borrowed a pair from some dear friends for nearly all of Mari's swaddling life.

five // Ergobaby // This was Eddie's pick, after trying it on versus the Baby Bjorn. The Ergo felt better to him, and I'm so happy it did because it might be my most favorite of all favorites. Baby carrying is just plain awesome when you find one that feels good on your body.

six // Go Clean Travel Bag // For wet diapers and swimsuits, which seem to always be in our bag, this little handy sack keeps everything else in tow nice and dry.

seven // Stokke Tripp Trapp // You may know my feelings about eating at the dinner table. This beautiful chair supports everything we believe in, literally and figuratively. It slides right up, and from day one, Mari was eating with us, at our table. She's grown with it and it just gets better with age. Like her!

eight // Bum Book // This is the only repeat from a previous list, but it's worth it. This book was key to helping us understand Mari's rhythms in the early days. For months, we tracked her every move and I treasure her little bum books and am thankful I will have them to reference the second time around.

And there you have it. These products have been with us for the long haul. They are tried and true, and in the end, make me really happy because for us, they make good sense and that's so comforting when you have another one on the way. It makes for a few less things to keep me up in the wee hours of the morning.

If you're baby shopping and want more testimonial-type info. on any of these products, drop me a line or leave a comment. I'd love to talk baby with you!

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mary said...

you were my very favorite resource when we were having ellie -- you give the best advice! saving this for whenever we're next looking at these things again! ;) much love to you, your sweet family & especially that baby on the way!!