The nesting rolls on, friends. I've been working on a few spaces for weeks now, cleaning, purging and getting organized. The latest happy place is Mari's room, which we updated with a kid-sized table, her chalkboard easel and some toy storage bins. And, over the weekend, I got started on a multi-day project; organizing our crafting/wrapping/media/etc. closet. It got me thinking that the reason why I am making progress, albeit slowly, is that I've found the right containers that work for our space(s).

After more than 15 years of re-purposing containers bought at the Container Store when I shipped off to college, I invested in a few new purchases, and paired with some of my tried-and-true favorites.

Here's what I'm loving.
one // The Container Store's jumbo utility cart is exactly what I needed to organize my crafts and wrapping materials. It rolls easily, so I can move it from room-to-room, and I'm no longer lugging multiple totes and crates of ribbon, tags, tape, etc. that have been poorly organized for way too long. I actually got two carts; one is exclusively for wrapping, which holds my tags and twine, ribbon, bags and boxes and tissue paper (btw: I keep my wrapping paper in an old Container Store trash can, like this one, that I have loved for years).  The second utility cart houses everything else crafty, like my overflowing rubber stamp collection, punches and all types of glues and guns.

two // The Container Store's Stockholm storage collection is clean and simple. Stackable white paper trays and boxes make a good home for easy access to things like printer paper, cardstock, letterhead and labels.  Also: everything in the Stockholm collection is on sale. Now.

three and four // My favorite office supplies come from Russell + Hazel (have been a mini binder devotee for years), and Container Store sells their notepads, which fit perfectly in magnetic mesh bins that slap right onto the frig. Genius.

five // For Mari's room, we hmm'd and haw'd over toy storage. Turns out we are in love with Land of Nod's polka dotted storage collection that's sturdy, but soft and matches nicely in white with the rest of her room.

six // Isn't it great when you find something that you can use for new things? This cute drawer organizer, meant for delicates, is the perfect narrow shoebox for my collection of stationery and envelopes. Favorite purchase of the group.

seven // This storage collection is the workhorse. I dumped my old, warped plastic boxes and updated with Container Store's Smart Store System. Different sizes are customizable with smaller white dividers. Perfect for keepsakes, reserve office supplies and extra crafting materials.

I hope to share some photos of Mari's room soon, plus our crafting closet once it's done. Next up is our garage (yikes) and smaller spaces, like our medicines and first aid supplies.

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Karen said...

We love Container Store, in fact we should avoid it since we tend to find just the right items every time we visit. I do love to be organized. You have some great ideas here...I may have to stop by the store while they're having a sale. :D