party time: mari's birthday invitations.

Of all the invitations I have designed, this was the most challenging, but it's also my favorite to date.
Somewhere in the last year, I fell really in love with the idea of a bright, cheery, lemon-themed party, and it wasn't until I saw Melanie's post on typeface pairings that I knew how to really get started. Typography seems to be what really inspires me, and as usual, Melanie's timing was perfect. Thank goodness.
I sized them up 5.5-inches square and paired them with Paper Source paper bag envelopes (yellow address labels also from Paper Source). Our party was nice and small with Mari's cousins, so I took my time and lots of care sending out all five invitations. What a pleasure it is to do a tiny, manageable project!
More to come this week from the second birthday party!

PS: I'm officially addicted to tissue paper confetti, just like I was last year.


Kate B said...

Those envelopes are so clever! Did you print the invites at home or get them run somewhere? Lovely work!

paper{whites} said...

Hi, Kate, thanks! I have two great local printers that I use when I want perfectly trimmed pieces - they just do such a better job than I can. Their printers are also so much better!

Casey Gruber said...

Amazing! You are so talented! I love the address labels I am going to be using that idea.

Lindsey said...

Do you sell that invite by chance? We are doing a lemonade stand party for our daughter, and these would be perfect. Thanks!

paper{whites} said...

Lindsey: I'd be happy to talk with you more on the invitation and customizing it for your daughter. Email me at alisonleighs@gmail.com so we can talk more!