it's popsicle season.

Hope you had a wonderful July 4th! We did all sorts of all-American things, like eat way too much, light some sparklers and enjoy s'mores with our family. We also made popsicles. Reason #492 that I love having a kid: Mari inspires me to bring back summer traditions, like making homemade popsicles.

Last summer breezed by and I regretted not investing in some popsicle molds. For almost a year, I've had my eye on this set, which we broke into over the holiday weekend.
There is nothing magical about how these popsicles were made. It's all in the enjoyment that ends up on the face and down the clothes (see Instagram for the proof!). We simply pureed fresh cut watermelon in a blender, poured and froze, and then slurped down a few hours later.

Making popsicles with Mari was messy, but really worth it. She loved watching the blender whirl away, and then eating her own little sample of watermelon juice before it went into the molds. We have big dreams of making all kinds of creamsicles with different flavors this summer, but until then, here are a few quick tips if you are new to popsicles, and are using molds that require wooden sticks:
+ for watermelon popsicles, one small, personal-sized watermelon was more than enough to fill all ten popsicle molds.

+ soak the sticks in warm water for at least an hour before inserting into the molds to give them some weight.

+ once ready to enjoy, run warm water over the lid and the molds to loosen.

+ I know some people wrap their popsicles in wax paper, but I just stored them in my favorite glasslock containers, and they weren't too hard to separate at all (just like storing Mari's baby food back in the day, actually!).
A grown up version of these popsicles, spiked with some booze, would be so fun for a summer party. Someone try it, for the sake of pregnant people everywhere, and please report back.


uscmolly said...

Love this Alison! We have a ton of watermelon left from our weekend party and this was the perfect inspiration of what to do with it! We love homemade popsicles and use these awesome molds: http://www.tovolo.com/freezer/star-pop-molds-set-of-6-pink

BTW, love your blog :)

mary said...

beautiful photos!! love this!!

Karen said...

I just made watermelon/strawberry Popsicles over the weekend. Olivia loved the process but especially enjoyed eating one once it was frozen.