Well, hello, July. You are quickly becoming my favorite month - though I feel like I'm always saying that - and that's because this is Mari's birthday month. So many wonderful memories to re-live around this time of year. I started working on a little family party for her, which we're celebrating in a couple of weeks, and I shared a sneak peak of the invitations on Instagram a couple of weeks ago... along with lots of other goodness from the month.

More to come on the party, by the way. It's basically the one thing that is keeping me inspired and creative as my mind wanders to all sorts of other things, like having another kid. Yikes.
1. early first days of summer = post-dinner walks to the sand, 2. getting back into the kitchen is feeling better and better; summer sweet corn, perfect tomatoes and crisp veggies taste so good in this salmon salad, one of our favorites, 3. my tiny tap dancer, in her very first dance class (she calls her tap shoes "tappies"), 4. the 2nd birthday party invites I designed (more to come!), 5. father's day morning started on the soccer field, one of Mari's favorite places in the world (mostly because there's a park with two slides right next to it), 6. my favorite banana bread wrapped in parchment paper and twine, 7. this is what I would have looked like if I wore glasses when I was a kid, 8.* I helped a sweet friend pen the seating cards for her Maui wedding, and this is what white paint pen in all caps on silk leaves looks like - cool, eh?, 9. pool day at my parent's on the hottest weekend of the summer yet!

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And, by the way, I wish all of you a very happy Fourth! I am barely getting around to recycling a few decorations from Memorial Day, but cannot wait to celebrate our independence on this long, summer weekend.

Here's to the land of the free and the home of the brave!

* I'm sorry to say that we were not actually in Maui for the wedding. This photo is courtesy of my bestie Amanda, who was there and for whom this place card was written with an extra squeeze of love.

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