The month of May was much harder on me than April, and I think that's generally how the first trimester stacks up for most women. It's mild at first, and then once the nausea and exhaustion kick in, it really knocks everything out of you.

Everyone's journey is so different. So many of my sweet friends have suffered so severely from morning sickness, and because pregnancy truly is a miracle, I just hate complaining about it. But, the truth is, it has beaten me down this time and it's got me thinking that two might just be our magical number. Maybe that will change.

I'm happy to report that the days are getting easier. I can feel it. Two-hour long naps on Sundays also help - for both Mari and me - and I'm getting back to cooking, and it feels good. Just like this space always does when I need it most.

Looking back at the month, while it felt hard, long and at times unbearable, I'm reminded that life's little pleasures are treasures. That and I'm also really happy that June is here.
1. mari's first try at the teeter-totter, 2. such comfort food, before I decided chicken wasn't pregnancy appealing: peas, carrots and chicken risotto (this is my home base recipe that I've simplified over the years), 3. sick child, sick mama = chocolate chip cookies to the rescue, 4. we kicked off Eddie's birthday weekend/Memorial Day weekend with a date night in Newport Beach (ever thankful for grandparents!), 5. birthday weekend brunch at Le Pain, 6. birthday flowers to brighten the house, 7. a very important birthday-related discussion at Mari's favorite meeting spot, 8. finally: the birth day celebration where we celebrate almost all special occasions, 9. a surprise treat from a really decadent bakery.

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