gooey goodness.

Well, a whole week went by before I got around to writing about these amazing brownies that are not really new to my blog, but they really do deserve their own post. Even with some mild nausea that with each day feels like it's trailing off into the first trimester sunset (hooray!), I do feel like baking because this kid is craving sweets. And, I will do whatever it takes to satisfy the craving. Including eating two cheeseburgers in one day.
Eddie: I hope you didn't read that.

I haven't made these in over a year, but they're even better than I remember. We enjoyed them over Memorial Day weekend, celebrating a dual birthday, for Eddie and a dear friend of ours. Her kids entertained Mari for hours while we caught up on all good grown-up things. We served the brownies with fresh, organic strawberries, which is a nice tart pairing for the gooey richness of the chocolate and caramel.
The full recipe is over at Annie's Eats, which I follow nearly exactly. Per Eddie's request, we omit the nuts and use milk chocolate chips instead of semi-sweet. I though they would be too sweet, but they're kind of perfect, according to our taste buds.
Here are some quick serving and packaging notes:
+ The hardest thing about this recipe is removing the brownies from the foil and cutting them. Darn that sticky caramel! The foil step is a must, and I'd recommend leaving a good amount of excess foil fold-over on the pan to help serve as levers to pull the whole thing out.
+ If you are enjoying same day: absolutely let cool (see Annie's tip about the freezer) and then cut and serve (or package). If not, I'd recommend leaving in the pan until you are ready to cut and serve.
+ Once cut, the longer they sit, the more the caramel oozes, so I'd recommend wrapping and gifting as soon as possible after you cut them in squares. You could also refrigerate them (wrapped) to keep them from getting too melty. See this post on my favorite way to package these brownies.

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Karen said...

I have a similar recipe and I love the yummy combination of caramel and chocolate. My recipe doesn't have chocolate chips but what a great addition. Happy Birthday, Eddie.
Happy to hear you're feeling better.