brunching @ simmzy's.

We finally made it for brunch at Simmzy's. I have no idea what took us so long, but we made a whole morning out of it on Father's Day, following an early morning on the soccer field, for dad, and a few million times down the slide, for Mari.

It's a good, small menu that offers a little bit of everything, for every taste. As almost impossible as it was to pass up the chili verde burrito, the three of us shared the pub scramble and the jam 'n' eggs panino.
I'm still drooling over the panino, by the way. There's something wonderful about sandwiching together jam, eggs, bacon and cheese. All good.

Best part of the meal is watching Mari make friends with the friendly Simmzy's staff. She's got a few of them wrapped around her tiny little fingers, which is about right, given that she's been there at least once a week, every day of her life since she was about two weeks old. It's our little happy place.

For more on our favorite Manhattan Beach spot, read about owner Mike Simms here.

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