wknd prep: red-white-and-brownies.

Let me start today by saying thank you for your sweet comments and notes to my big news! I'm working on mind-over-matter and even with some sickness, I've got this weekend on the brain. I've mentioned it year after year, but Memorial Day weekend is also Eddie's birthday weekend, so it's a big one for us.

I've got ambitions to make it a really special weekend - perhaps doing a few things in my PJs because that's what feels good these days - and am going to dig out a few favorite creations.

One: caramel brownies.
These are magical. Perfect for a holiday beach birthday weekend. Any weekend, really.

Two: red-white-and-blue hurricanes.
Let's get out the patriotic flare, shall we?! This is an easy DIY that I almost forgot about until Mari discovered them in our cluttered garage.

Three: dining alfresco with our patriotic table cloth.
I just love our flag. And it fits our little outdoor table perfectly.

Plans for this weekend? Do tell!

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MoKnows said...

OMG!!! I LOOOOOVE your brownies! Save some for Wednesday night!