meals on the road.

If you follow me on instagram, you saw our beautiful casa we enjoyed in La Quinta last weekend. It was just perfect, and we are always so grateful to our dear friends who share their desert home with us.

When it was just Eddie and me, a weekend road trip wasn't so planned. A place to stay was all we needed, but when it came to meals, activities, tee times or spa appointments, we were always very last minute. And I think that's because we enjoy the art of doing nothing to its fullest. No schedule needed.
Now that we have Mari, we've learned that a little planning goes a long way. Packing things like our favorite peanut butter and jelly makes a road trip feel just like home. Which, can be really nice when your little person is running the show.

I should add that it's easy to enjoy cooking on vacation when you're doing it in a beautiful kitchen with more tools than you'd ever need, an exploading planter of fresh herbs and a pantry full of seasonings, oils and such. Knowing all that, we packed and planned to make some of our favorite comfort foods that happen to be easy on the prep (and wallet!), including The BC's Summer Garden Pasta (with Mari's choice: orzo).
Other things we enjoyed - that taste amazing in summer weather - fresh watermelon, berries and grilled turkey burgers with roasted sweet potatoes. Plus, the obligatory box of Cheez-its poolside. And, by the way, on night one, after realizing that in our organization we weren't quite as organized as we hoped, we ordered pizza. And it was perfection.

What are your favorites when you're on the road?

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Kate Burgener said...

Ooof, that dish looks delicious.

When I saw the title in my reader, it made me think immediately of 11-hour drives from NJ to OH with my family growing up. We would really have "meals on the road" in that around lunchtime, my dad would drive while my mom would be parked in the middle seat with the cooler by her side and make crackers with various cheeses and meats for everyone to pass around (plus grapes and chips and things). She'd make a loop through the car, asking each person in turn what they wanted to "order" and assembled them as she went. In my family, they're referred to as "60 mile lunches" and they were actually far preferable than stopping and losing the driving time while we ate.