Is anyone barely treading water as we head into May? I am still feeling like it's mid-April, but I'm enjoying things like watermelon and berries and am in desperate need for a pedicure for my open-toed shoes. Summer is near.

Since I started instagramming, I thought I'd do a quick, monthly recap with some of my favorite photos. Here goes.
1. the finished results from our all-natural Easter-egg dying experiment, 2. my favorite thing about the Manhattan Beach Pier - besides the turquoise railings - is Mari, 3. cheesy, gooey broccoli quinoa from Annie's Eats - will be a regular in our house, 4. new favorite activity: playing with flour (this time we were prepping for pizza dough), 5. and our favorite Saturday morning ritual: have rotten bananas, make bread with this recipe, 6. a quick trip to the Master's in Augusta, Ga. via stop-over in my all-time favorite city - just a glimpse of the Capitol feeds me, 7. nursing my strawberry obsession with a gorgeous bunch from Tanaka Farms, 8. supporting a loved one #bostonstrong, 9. over the weekend: a belated anniversary celebration in the desert - more on that this week!

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Karen said...

Your photography has gotten better and better and I always thought it was fabulous before your class.