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I've been catching my breath after finishing Designing for Web with design crush Melanie Burk, which just finished up last week. What an amazing class. We learned how to design our own website, and I'm going to use those skills to give paper{whites} a fresh new look. Coming soon!

You may recall that in February, I also took another Nicole's Class; Creating an Identity, also with Melanie. Of all the classes I have taken, it really was my favorite. I love the idea of sketching, brainstorming and collaborating to build a brand, and as an exercise, I created a style guide for my husband's company.
My work was featured on the Nicole's Classes blog on Friday, along with some other really, really fabulous work. I hope you'll go check it out!

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Karen said...

It was fun to see your logo/brand for Eddie's company but also to see the other's from the class. Wow, what a creative bunch you all are! Congratulations. I will eagerly await your redesign for paper{whites}.