working from home.

So, behind the scenes of all the photos, the picks and the kitchen adventures, I've been struggling to find my place, working from home.

I'm sure that sounds ridiculous to some, but I'm betting that those work-from-home'ers might understand. Even with all the perks that come with working from home, it's been a significant adjustment for me, on all fronts. Now a month into my new job, I'm finally finding my groove. Mostly, thanks to my new co-workers who are making telecommuting easy, and of course, to my home office mate, Eddie.

That's right. Two of us are working from home and we're living to tell about it!

We moved the beautiful desk that my dad helped us put together from Mari's room to our bedroom. It's a bit big for the space, so we're going to shave it down, and I'll share some photos, soon. In the meantime, as we get cozy with our new setup (read: the desk is two feet from our bed), I've relied on a few things that might be helpful to you, too? Even if you don't work from home, there is still work to be done at home and getting organized has helped me feel - and be - productive.
A cheery notebook.
Papyrus carries Jonathan Adler spiral notebooks in the perfect note-taking size and whimsical, colorful designs he is known for. Opening this up everyday makes me happy.

A charging station.
We've had this for years, thanks to my friend Erin. It has been all over our house, but now, it sits on my desk and keeps our many cords in check. Two computers, two phones, a baby monitor and a desk lamp. Cords = organized.

Hanging wall organizers.
Our two-pocket organizers are from Ballard, but Pottery Barn's daily office system line is on sale now, and they offer a three-pocket. For us, two works just great; one for me, and one for Eddie. It's still in Mari's room, but is going to move to its new location, above my desk.

Portable pouch.
Having a small case that is ready to go at a moment's notice has been so helpful. I have a Room It Up - now All For Color - pencil pouch, like this one (looks like my black/white has been discontinued) that is just big enough for my favorite writing utensils, plus my phone and laptop charger, too. This little pouch has been helpful, just going from room-to-room, and of course from coffee shops to lunch meetings and to plane rides.

Desk accessory for pencils, pens, scissors, etc.
Speaking of writing utensils, you may remember this West Elm striped tumbler from Mari's room. We've got two, actually. Hers keeps her brushes in check, and mine holds all my pens and pencils on the desk.

We are still navigating a file folder system, working on re-organizing our catch-all closet that holds everything from work-related documents and books to crafts. I'm taking suggestions on your home file systems, if you've got one that works. Please share!

PS: little Mari, happy 20 months today! Yowza!

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