friday foto: the postal service.

Happy weekend from your local Manhattan Beach post office box. I'm not mailing my daughter, or anything. This was a left-over from our outing to mail Mari's valentine cards last month.
Too good not to photograph, the lighting makes my heart skip a beat. It also reminds me that I need to start thinking about another photography class with Nicole this summer.

Speaking of, I'm currently in Creating an Identity with the fabulous Melanie Burk, and oh, do I love this class. I love it so much that I'm devoting lots of time to it, which may explain some posting lulls. I do hope to share some of my work with you, and am looking forward to another Melanie session in this month: Designing for Web 101. Is anyone enrolling in any upcoming classes? Who's with me?

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Jessica B said...

"I'm not mailing my daughter or anything" - too funny! I love the lighting, too. Looks like 'golden hour.'