all-natural easter eggs: the finished product (and a few hints).

If you missed it yesterday, we went all-natural with our egg dying this year, with the exception of bottled grape juice. The end result was a really, sweet muted palette.
So muted, in fact, that those white eggs you see? Those were dyed in beet juice! This was a bit of a science experiment that's very learn-by-trial, so I'd recommend having some food coloring on back-up in case you aren't totally satisfied with the color intensity (or lack thereof).
Here are a few notes for those who might dabble in all-natural egg dying, based on all the goodness you see below.
Pale Yellow
The sweet yellow eggs dry way darker than you think they will, and the smell of simmering orange peels in your kitchen makes these my favorite eggs of the dozen.

Pale Turquoise
We used red cabbage, instead of frozen blueberries, and these eggs also dried a bit darker than we guessed they would. Bonus.

Lavender Gray
For this beautiful, muted lavender, go to the grape juice. I thought they'd turn out too much like the blue eggs, but as you can see, they're just yummy.

Muted Orange/Peach
The paprika leaves a bit of a dusting on the eggs, so, if that might bother you, I'd skip. I liked their texture, but they did not dry as smoothly as the other eggs.

Pale Pink... or, in my case: barely-there pink.
I struck out with pink. Maybe I needed to simmer away a few more beets, but I was so hopeful given the bright pink dye. I even added more vinegar along the way and dipped them twice after giving them a chance to dry each time, which didn't seem to help.
We also attempted a pale green/yellow with the fennel tops and apple skins, and that yielded nearly clear water. But, I did get some apple sauce made and tomorrow, fennel is on the menu, so not a total waste. Next year, I will try spinach leaves.
How are you dying your eggs this year? Do report back!

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