a little of this.

I've talked about Amanda before, right? In my circle of friends, she's Ama, and she's been like a big, giant hug to paper{whites}. She's supportive in all the right ways and on all the right days, when I need it most. She's also a fan of education. She's a college professor, in fact, and since I've been a student of online classes in the last several months, she's been cheering me on.

So, as she's gearing up to host a shower with her mom next month, she asked me to design the invitation. So fun, right?
Amanda and her mom are designing a gray and purple-inspired shower, and are going for a bit of glam, mixed with classic ease. After a few rounds of edits, we settled on the design above, and repeated the notched border on the return address for the back of the envelopes (not shown).

It was such a fun back-and-forth collaboration, and I'm so thankful she trusted me with such an important project!

Fonts: Bebas Neue and Carolyna.
Envelopes from Paper Source.

By the way, I'm back in another class with Melanie this month, and I'm learning how to design a website so that I can do some really fun things with paper{whites}. More goodness to come!


Becca said...

Very sweet! Love the gray and purple together. They make such a classy combo with your font choices.


Karen said...

I've always been impressed with your eye for detail and design, now I'm truly wowed by the fact that you're doing this as well as being a great mommy all while starting a new job! Wonder Woman much? LOL