friday foto: sweet thing.

I know I've been a bit paper-heavy this week. The truth is that if I've been on my computer, I've been designing and not necessarily writing or reading. Which I've missed. I've missed most  everyone in the last week, actually, including my super supportive family, and I'll chalk it up to a career change and all the chaotic goodness that comes with new things.

The one person I've been very connected with, however - I'm very happy to report - is Mari. She and I spent a lot of time together this week, and we managed to get some valentine cards made and in the mail. It felt very familiar, sitting at our kitchen table, with tiny hands and big imaginations. And to look back at last year's craft session makes me smile and feel very sentimental. She was such a little'r person then, and now she's turning into such a big girl.
In between sucking on my favorite gel pens and stealing Swedish Fish from the fish bowl (hint hint to our valentine theme), Mari helped me make the master, and then I spent a few evenings cutting, taping, tying, stamping and sticking, and I'll have the details for you next week! Let the valentine inspiration begin.

Have a lovely February weekend, all!

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