two favorites from the trb.

I know I've gushed over Tin Roof Bistro before. It was the perfect setting for Krisa's baby shower last year, and on Monday, Eddie and I enjoyed a long overdue happy hour date on the bocce lawn, plus two of my favorite dishes from one of my favorite places.
Someday I will make a proper date to photograph this perfectly crafted restaurant. From the vine leaves that greet you out front, to the real tin roof, collection of vintage chandeliers and use of of things we love like chalkboards, clothes pins, wine corks and recycled glass bottles - this is a beautiful, cozy restaurant really well done.
And then, you sit down, are treated to some of the friendliest service in town, paired with delicious food, wine and beer, just like what we have come to expect from the Simms' restaurants (for more, see: Simmzy's and the MB Post).

Chef Anne - who, by the way, is so wonderful and so good at good, good food - makes two of my very favorite things that blow any other versions out of the water. On our little day off, we enjoyed Calamari Frito Misto and Seared Ahi Salad with a glass (okay, two glasses) of Bonaccorsi Rosé and a pint of The Strand Brewing Co.'s Atticus IPA.
The secret to the calamari is the flaky breading mixed with the dipping sauces; a sweet and spicy chili vinaigrette and a garlicky tartar sauce. And that salad? It is crunchy, smooth, sharp, sweet and creamy - all in one bite.

We come to Tin Roof for drinks that are hand-selected and food that's farm fresh and local, but it's more than that; sharing these dishes brought us back to a happy place, one that reminds us of lots of important celebrations with our family and friends, like birthday parties, showers and the first time Mari met her great grandmother. As we dined al fresco, we watched a sweet family of four play bocce on the TRB lawn and make some memories of their own.

We ended our date day with a quick stop in at Susie Cakes, which is conveniently right next door to Tin Roof. Basically, Monday was our perfect afternoon. Thanks to Mari's grandma for giving us a free day, just for us!

For locals or those visiting, happy hour is so worth it. But then again, so are dinner reservations. Seven days a week, you can enjoy happy hour (and bocce!) from 4 to 7 p.m. 

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