the best job.

My husband and I are big fans of really well-done marketing campaigns and commercials. Him more than me. He has an eye and a mind for artfully crafted messaging and clever use of media. He is one of the smartest people I know when it comes to smart marketing.

We both have professional backgrounds on the topic, and while I don't post much on my day job, I did mention back in November that we met at the office. Our mutual love for the live events industry brought us together, and it's often a conversation topic at the dinner table. We do actually get to work together occasionally, which is really fun because it's occasional. We are in lock-step when we're out on the job and he makes me proud. 

He loves what he does so much more than most and it's inspiring.

He is good at what he does because he reads a lot. I find him surfing the web all the time, but he's not just surfing - he's knee-deep in research mode. Learning the newest breakthroughs in e-commerce; catching up on who's marketing to the Hispanic sports fan best; and in the past several days, catching up on Adweek's best-rated commercials of 2012

Yesterday, he interrupted some very important pasta salad making (more on that next week!) for this heart-swelling Proctor & Gamble ad. You'll remember strands of it from its run during the 2012 London Olympic Games. With very little dialogue, this ad communicates so very clearly, in different cultures in all different lands, that moms make dreams come true. 

This is the full version that you may have seen, may not. Either way, it's worth one more view as we settle into the new year. 
I am certain this tugs at me in a new way, now that I'm a mom. Even so, it reminds me of my own. I see visions of carpools to dance classes, torn ballet shoes, bobby pins, sequins and lots of hair spray. My mom french braided my hair too many times to count, and I loved it every time. Even when I was filled with utter fear of performing (which was really often), usually for piano recitals, my mom always made it better with a little french braid. 

Mom: thank you for all the braids, and for showing me how to do the best job in the world the best. I try every day to do the same for Miss Mari.

PS: if you're into this sort of thing - and by thing, I mean powerful story telling through video - watch Nike's Jogger ad

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Garden, Home and Party said...

The tradition continues, you are a wonderful mother and its so heartwarming to watch our children grow up and become parents.
That was a great commercial.